Palm Coast Community Church –

Relax and come explore the truths we offer on Sunday mornings at 9am or 11am.

Childcare provided.

You can expect to find a relaxed atmosphere with contemporary music from a live band.
You’ll find challenging messages with relevant application to the world we live in.
In addition to the speaker, we convey messages through video to enhance your experience.
Shorts and flip flops are not only acceptable, but are standard fare for many of our members and regular attendees.
We serve free coffee.

Purpose: Challenging people to discover real life in Christ.

Core Values: “Real GPS”

Being REAL by . . .

• Doing life together with small groups of people.
• Getting real about the highs and lows of our lives.
• Resolving conflict in a Biblical manner.

Honoring God by…
• Bringing attention to Jesus.
• Pursuing and living by His truth as found in the Bible.
• Communicating with Him regularly through prayer.
• Expressing our faith in obedience to His leadership (even when it doesn’t make sense).

Valuing People by…
• Serving those we are directly responsible for.
• Pursuing those who are far from God.
• Intentionally welcoming and accepting those who attend.
• Acknowledging and celebrating God’s involvement in and through each other.

Serving God and Others by…
• Discovering and using the gifts & talents God gave us.
• Giving Him our best efforts, abilities & resources
• Practicing true team leadership and ministry.
• Modeling a Christ-like attitude.